Best Cool Match Games Websites

Kids love to play, but the way we used to play in our childhood have been changed. The revolution of the computer, mobile industry, and the internet have changed the way kids play in this generation. I still remember those days when we used to go to the nearby park with our friends to play different games, but kids are more into the computer and mobile gaming. Parents are now worried about how to push their kids to play some outdoor games. Today I am not going to discuss outdoor gaming because I am not into that profession. But I can surely help you to push your kids to develop their mind while gaming on computer or mobile. Some online fun websites teach your children while playing. I am going to discuss some of them particularly those websites which feature funny math games. Those will help your children to learn some new maths without losing interest.


Let me first tell you that these websites are free for everyone. Unlike other online teaching websites where one has to pay to learn. So your kids are going to learn something new while playing and that also for free.

Best Cool Math Games Websites for Kids

This is an addictive math game website where you have some cool games that you can solve by using maths. All the games are exciting, and your kids will love them. It is not just about children’s, adult like me and you will also have a god time there. This site is a collection of hundreds of games from different genres. You can find games from genres like sports, puzzle, action, etc. All the games have just one motivation, and that is math.

You can even sort your games by grades like grade 1, 2 and so on. This is a must visit math gaming website.

As the name suggests, this website is mainly made for testing your kid’s brain using fun games. This is an attractive website with lots of games for kids. All the games are specially designed for kids. You can sort movie by your kid’s grade like 1 or 2 or 3. It has games up to Grade 8. My favorite game is the Baseball math.

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Number Nut

Number Nut is a simple yet powerful math learning website for kids as well as adults. It has a good number of games where you can learn various math formulas, terms and other things in an easy method. It’s simple and attractive design let you understand Numbers, counting, date and time, decimal, percentage, factors and lot others for free.

That was it in this article for best funny math games websites to teach your kids math with games. I hope this article helped you.

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Best sites to watch free Videos Online

In this internet age, we have thousands of online free websites to do watch videos. Some of them are paid when some are free. As we are concentrating on free sites, I will only talk about free sites and will ignore paid sites. If I have to watch a video online, then there are hundreds of websites available where I can watch free videos. But not all of them are best. When I say best, I mean the site which offers most content, fewer ads and a friendly environment.
You can search “watch free videos” on Google, and you will find thousands of result, but if you want to get the best, then there are very few that you would trust. As you know, I am an online freak and mostly spend my time online by doing crazy stuff. I also get bored, and I try to entertain myself online by watching free football online or by creating my own cartoon characters online. I also spend my time by watching videos online.

If you are looking for some good websites to watch videos online for free but don’t want to spend time on research them, I have good news for you. I did the best search and came up with this article where I will share 3 best video sites to watch free videos online.


Do I need to explain YouTube? I am sure you already use this popular video site to get your daily dose of videos here for free. YouTube is the biggest video platform on the internet which serves almost 5 billion views each day. This stats is huge, and this is also enough to prove how popular this network is. Here you can find almost all kind of videos for free. All kind of guides, songs, movie trailer, TV series, explanation, advice, news, information and lot more stuff. Its users share all the videos on YouTube. You can also share your videos there, and you can even generate some money from your videos.


MetaCafe is another online video streaming website. This is a substitute for the YouTube. Like YouTube here also user can watch videos from lots of categories. All videos are free here and shared by the users. It might not have the best database like YouTube, but still, it has a good number of videos to keep you entertain. You should give it a try to see if it works for you.


DailyMotion is the video streaming network popular for its huge list of movie trailers and promos. But that doesn’t mean that you will find those videos only. This is a user-generated website so you can find almost all kind of videos that you should. I am not a big fan of DailyMotion, but I have seen some cool videos there that I wasn’t finding anywhere else. This is must visit video website for online videos. If you are a video producer, then this could be a great source for you to upload and earn some money.

This was it in this article for best video streaming websites. I hope this helped you, and now you can watch free videos online.

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Best Online Alarm Clock Websites to Set Alarm Smartly

The alarm is one of the most important parts of our life. Most of the people use to set an alarm to wake up on time. This is a tool that everyone hate but again everyone uses them 😛

Previously there was table alarm clock which we use to place near where we sleep. That was history now everyone is becoming advance and using the advanced alarm clock. We mostly use our phone to set an alarm, and it fills our basic necessity by playing a ringtone at the perfect time. But if you are a tech-savvy or spend most of your time with your computer, then you should go for an online alarm clock. These alarm clock will help you to notify you to do the certain task at the pre-set time. These clocks are like reminder which remind you at the time you want them to remind you.


Some of the alarm clock websites are also getting advanced by adding some cool features like some of the alarm clocks works in the sleep mode too. That’s is interesting right? So, let’s see some of the best alarm clock app to remind you online for free.

Best Alarm Clock Websites to Remind you

These alarm clocks are some of the best and most importantly they are free. They might be the free one but at the same time, they are rich in features.

As was surprised when I first was this online tool. This is the best alarm clock website you can get online. As the name suggests, this alarm clock website lets you set a video or movie as your alarm and will start playing when the time completes. That is interesting. Setting an alarm is not a big task, just set the time then select a video and you are done. It also has snooze option.


MetaClock is another good free online alarm website with a nice and eye-catching web layout. It has a nice graphical interface that may help you to stick to the site for a log time. Setting an alarm on this site is easy as ABC. Select a time and then music or tune and click on “Set Alarm” button. You can also place a note there to make things interesting.

Music Alarm Clock is also a good website for setting alarm online with music. The interface is simple, and you can see all the option the homepage itself. You can set any sound you want, or you can set an online radio station. The Music Alarm Clock is available in 5 different languages.

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These free alarm clocks are offering way more features than our traditional alarm clock and even the clock on our phone. This is the time for you to use any of the websites mentioned above and set some goal for your life. Our goal is to help you to achieve your goal.

I hope this has helped you. Don’t forget to comment down your thoughts and also share this article with your fiends.

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Best Free Websites to Watch Documentary Online for Free

Documentary movies are not like the typical movies we watch at the theater. Documentary movies are based on the fact of truth without adding a single piece of extra information. All the things are based on the absolute truth, facts, and finding. Documentary movies are generally based on some popular events, History of some place or event, celebrity, Common people, Business model and some others.

If you are a fan of documentary movies, then some online websites allow users to watch full documentary movies for free.

Documnetary Movies

Best Websites to Watch Documentary Online

All the sites that I am going to mentione here are will be free for you. You can use them to watch documentary movies online for free.

Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films is one of the best Documentary streaming sites where one can watch free documentaries online. It has a huge number of documentary movies in its database. You can find documentaries for almost all the big events and incidents. All the movies are classified into different categories for easy access. You can see review for each documentary. is another cool website for watching documentaries movie online for free. You can find all kind of documentary here without registration. gathers all the documentaries from the internet and put then under one roof. Here you can find documentaries from both reputed distributor and local distributer.

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Documentary Heaven is another good website for watching documentaries online for free. It has a good number of movies, and all are distributed among all popular genres. 911, Activist, Biography, Crime, Countries are the name of few. It also has a menu with all the popular documentary movies. You can even submit your own documentary there to get targeted audience. is also a good website to watch documentaries for free. It offers some good full-length documentary films. Political, Science and History are some of its popular categories. It provides a good filter where you can filter your search with different options.

That was it in this article for best websites to watch documentary movies online for free. I hope you enjoyed this article, and it helped you. I am accepting questions if you have any then comment down here. I will be doing my best to answer you.

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Best Sites to Watch Football Matches Online

Football or Soccer is the most popular sports in the world with more than 3.6 billion fans around the world. There are no sports like Soccer, and I don’t think any other sports can beat football. The number of Football fans are increasing every day, and this is the only reason that I am writing this article.

I love to watch Football matches, and I never want to miss any matches especially when my favorite team is playing there. But this seems tough for me because I barely get time to spend by watching games on TV. Sports are not movies where you can download any movie from any good free movie downloads site and watch anytime. Here live matches have some value, excitement which can not be fulfilled by watching anytime later.

I had to figure out something to overcome this problem and my search end when I first saw some cool sites that allow users to watch live Soccer matches on my phone or laptop. That was interesting! Today I will be showing you some best websites where you can watch live Football or Soccer matches online.


Here I am not mentioning “free” because some site provides free where some are paid. So let’s do this.

Best Sites to Watch Live Football/Soccer Matches Online


ESPN is one of the most popular sports broadcasting networks in the world. ESPN is available in almost all the countries. We all know about their TV network, but very few people know that they also feature live streaming on their website. Here you can watch almost all the sports including Football. This service is not free. You need to subscribe their network by paying a monthly or one-time payment, and you can enjoy watching any match online on any device.


Another popular sports streaming network is SkySports. This is a premium site like the ESPN network. It supports almost all the Football/Soccer matches that are happening around the world. You can subscribe to their network on monthly or for a single match and enjoy watching football games online. The quality of the network is mindblowing.

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If you are not comfortable with paying money for watching matches, then you try this free network. FromHot is a popular free sports streaming site which supports almost all the popular live matches. The user interface is very simple. You can see all the information on its homepage.

That was it in this article for best websites to watch Football matches online. Here I have mentioned both free and paid source so that you can choose which suits you the best.

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Best Sites to create your Own Cartoon Character

I am in a funny mood 😛 I have been writing articles in this blog for a couple of weeks, and if you are reading me, then you know that I love to do funny stuff online. This article is a proof for that. Here I will show you how you can create your own cartoon character online for free.

I am really thankful to the people who created this internet a better place. Here now you can find anything from any serious information to some funny stuff this creating funny cartoon character.

create Online cartoon character

So, without wasting much time in the intro, let’s get started.

Best Websites to Create Cartoon Character online for Free

Like every other article on my blog, I will here also share 3 websites to create a cartoon character.

Avatar Face Maker

Avatar Face Maker is the first site in my list, and this is my absolute favorite site. This is a powerful yet addictive online tool to generate avatar image for free. Yes for free. It has a straightforward and easy to use UI for users to create a cartoon character. You can choose deferent5 filters, colors and style to create a perfect character. Once you are done with your character, then you can download that for free and use anywhere you want.

The Cartoonist is the second tool in this list where it allows users to make a real cartoon character online for free. Apart from the tool to create a new cartoon it also helps users to make a cartoon character out of their own photos. You just need to upload your picture, and it will convert it into a cartoon character for free. is another website where you can transform any picture into a cartoon character or animated location. It can be any kind of picture, and it will turn it into a real looking cartoon character.

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Best Websites to Download eBook Online for Free

Reading book is one of the best habits all human should have. A book helps us to know our own potential to do things. Some people loves to read books, and they carry their book with them where ever they go. Time has changed now eBooks now replace the heavy paper copy of the book. These are the digital books that you can carry on your phone or other devices. There are also some dedicated devices for reading books like the Amazon Kindle book.

You don’t need to carry the weight of a book to read them you can carry them with your phone or tabs. With the eBooks, you buy the soft copy of the book instead of the paper pack, and this is also cheaper than the paper copy. If you don’t want to spend for the eBook, then you can get some for free. Some online websites allow users to download eBook for free. You will not get every book here, but they have a good collection of free eBooks.

Download Free eBooks

Best Websites to Download eBooks online for Free

I’m listing only 3 sites which are worth mentioning.

My personal favorite free eBook site is the This is also world number one destination for download free eBooks online. You can find eBooks based on your interest there for free. They support books from most of the popular genres including Friction, Health, Romance, Biography, Horry and lot other. You have to register for a free membership account to download the free eBooks.

This is not just for downloading eBooks but also a great place for getting your eBook published.

This is the 2nd best online eBook downloading website after Here you can find and download eBook from hundreds of authors and a handful list of genres. It has a good filter to find books quickly. You can filter your search by Author name, published year, Tittle, Language and ISBN number. You don’t need to register or log in there.

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We are at the last position of our list where I share a list of best websites to download free eBooks online. At the third number, we have Get Free eBooks. As it name says, this is the website where you can get free eBooks online without paying anything. This site is a legal site that means all the books that are shared here are legally downloadable. It has more than 2000 books to download, and anyone can read them by downloading.

This was it in this article for best websites to download eBooks online for free. I hope you enjoyed this and helped this to you.

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Best Websites to Read Comics Online for Free

If you were grown up in the 80s or 90s, then you might know the real craze of Comic. Comic books were the huge source of entertainment back then. There were no internet or TV like we have in today’s date. Many people still love to read Comics, but unfortunately, Comics are going down with every passing day. If you are one of those who loves to read Comics but couldn’t find any source to get them, then you land the perfect place. Here I will be sharing some good websites where you can read Comics for free, and you can even download them for offline reading or share with others.

Best Comic Sites

Best Websites to Read Comics Online for Free

Here you go, a well crafted list of best website to read and download Comics online.



GoComics is my go to comic website and one of the famous Comic website among the comic lovers. It has thousands of comics to read and download my anyone. Some of its popular comics include Garfield, Peanuts, and Calvin and Hobbes, etc. This is a free website with ads. If you are not comfortable with the ads, then you can opt for the premium service by paying a small amount.

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ComicsAll is another popular comic website where you can download comics for free Comicsall is mostly known for its wide collection of Marvel and Dc comics. Yes, here you can find almost all the comics published by Marvel and DC network. But it is not limited to Marvel and DC, and it also has some other comics like Disney, Dynamite Entertainment, and BoomStudio.



ReadComics is popular for online reading due to its perfect online reading platform. It hosts a good number of Comic published under different banner including Marvel, DC, Disney and lot more. All the comics are arranged in different categories like Action, Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror and some others. It has login option, but that is optional.

That was it for this article. I hope you have enjoyed here reading this article. Now, enjoy your Comic and love being a child.

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Best Websites to Play Games Online for Free

If you read my About page, then you know that the inspiration behind this blog is how I wasted hours for finding a good website to play games online for free. So, I think this would be the best article to start this blog.

The Internet is big, and it has a lot more potential than we think. We can do whole lot more stuff online from buying stuff to playing games and watching a movie. I am an internet addict, and I love to spend most of my free time surfing the web. Watching YouTube video is my hobby and playing a game is my time killer pill. I had a terrible PC to handle all the high-end stuff thus I always prefer to play games online.

There are many websites which offer users to play games online for free. Anyone with working internet connection can play those games from any part of the world. Many people know that this is possible but very few knows the websites to play online games. This is the only reason that user mostly spend hours on the internet searching for a good internet site.

This is the first article and in the very first article, I will show you how you guys can play online games for free using these best free online gaming websites.

Gaming Console
Gaming Console

Best Websites to play Games online for Free

There are some useful websites which you need to explore. I did that part for you and here is my pick for the best sites to play games online for free.

Pogo is an online game playing website with 100s of games ranging from top different categories like Puzzle, Board, Card and lot more. It has games for every category and every age. No matter what is your age, you will find a game suitable to challenge your mind and make you relax.

Like, the Addicting games is also another good place to play online games without downloading anything. It also has more than 1000 games spreading over all the popular categories. AddictingGames is popular in the USA and has almost 10 million monthly visits from the USA alone. Shooting games are one of its specialty.

ArmorGames is the third and last gaming website in my list where you can play hundreds of games for free. No need to sign up there just select a game and start playing. You can also take a part in the race of online gaming where you have to compete with other games around the world. You will have a great time there.

That was it for this part of the article. I will try to bring more such websites in future. See you in the next article, till then have a great day.

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