Best Sites to create your Own Cartoon Character

I am in a funny mood 😛 I have been writing articles in this blog for a couple of weeks, and if you are reading me, then you know that I love to do funny stuff online. This article is a proof for that. Here I will show you how you can create your own cartoon character online for free.

I am really thankful to the people who created this internet a better place. Here now you can find anything from any serious information to some funny stuff this creating funny cartoon character.

create Online cartoon character

So, without wasting much time in the intro, let’s get started.

Best Websites to Create Cartoon Character online for Free

Like every other article on my blog, I will here also share 3 websites to create a cartoon character.

Avatar Face Maker

Avatar Face Maker is the first site in my list, and this is my absolute favorite site. This is a powerful yet addictive online tool to generate avatar image for free. Yes for free. It has a straightforward and easy to use UI for users to create a cartoon character. You can choose deferent5 filters, colors and style to create a perfect character. Once you are done with your character, then you can download that for free and use anywhere you want.

The Cartoonist is the second tool in this list where it allows users to make a real cartoon character online for free. Apart from the tool to create a new cartoon it also helps users to make a cartoon character out of their own photos. You just need to upload your picture, and it will convert it into a cartoon character for free. is another website where you can transform any picture into a cartoon character or animated location. It can be any kind of picture, and it will turn it into a real looking cartoon character.

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