Best sites to watch free Videos Online

In this internet age, we have thousands of online free websites to do watch videos. Some of them are paid when some are free. As we are concentrating on free sites, I will only talk about free sites and will ignore paid sites. If I have to watch a video online, then there are hundreds of websites available where I can watch free videos. But not all of them are best. When I say best, I mean the site which offers most content, fewer ads and a friendly environment.
You can search “watch free videos” on Google, and you will find thousands of result, but if you want to get the best, then there are very few that you would trust. As you know, I am an online freak and mostly spend my time online by doing crazy stuff. I also get bored, and I try to entertain myself online by watching free football online or by creating my own cartoon characters online. I also spend my time by watching videos online.

If you are looking for some good websites to watch videos online for free but don’t want to spend time on research them, I have good news for you. I did the best search and came up with this article where I will share 3 best video sites to watch free videos online.


Do I need to explain YouTube? I am sure you already use this popular video site to get your daily dose of videos here for free. YouTube is the biggest video platform on the internet which serves almost 5 billion views each day. This stats is huge, and this is also enough to prove how popular this network is. Here you can find almost all kind of videos for free. All kind of guides, songs, movie trailer, TV series, explanation, advice, news, information and lot more stuff. Its users share all the videos on YouTube. You can also share your videos there, and you can even generate some money from your videos.


MetaCafe is another online video streaming website. This is a substitute for the YouTube. Like YouTube here also user can watch videos from lots of categories. All videos are free here and shared by the users. It might not have the best database like YouTube, but still, it has a good number of videos to keep you entertain. You should give it a try to see if it works for you.


DailyMotion is the video streaming network popular for its huge list of movie trailers and promos. But that doesn’t mean that you will find those videos only. This is a user-generated website so you can find almost all kind of videos that you should. I am not a big fan of DailyMotion, but I have seen some cool videos there that I wasn’t finding anywhere else. This is must visit video website for online videos. If you are a video producer, then this could be a great source for you to upload and earn some money.

This was it in this article for best video streaming websites. I hope this helped you, and now you can watch free videos online.

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