Two people were having sex, but one of them was not very active, just being lazy and lying there. At one point their partner had had enough and yelled, “Move!” “Why?” the lazy one asked. “Am I in your way?”

1. Move!

Sex can burn up to 300 calories an hour. In comparison, running really fast burns up to 200 an hour, and it’s nowhere as much fun. Of course, this rate is valid only if you’re active ex. being on top or trying one of the less conventional positions, like where the guy is standing up and holding the girl in his arms. This burns a LOT of energy, but you need to be pretty strong to do it.

2. Fires Up the Imagination

The brain uses the most energy of all organs. Just thinking about sex and all the fun things you could do will burn calories.

3. Are you Vain?

Those of us who are on the vain side will pay great attention to how we look to a potential partner. This includes dieting! It pays off to be in good shape – you never know when the person of your dreams will find their way into your bed.

4. Sex Releases Oxytocin, Which Reduces Food Intake

When we have sex, our bodies produce more oxytocin, a hormone implicated in the way we experience hunger. More specifically, oxytocin reduces caloric consumption.  

5. Exercise Doesn’t Equal Weight Loss

We might burn more calories with some more strenuous forms of exercise, but our appetite will skyrocket right after this. Not so with sex. When people push themselves to their physical limit, their bodies want to make up for it, so working out doesn’t necessarily equal weight loss. Sex actually curbs our appetite – we’re less likely to raid the fridge after doing the deed than after climbing a mountain peak, for example.