Crossfit lovers in the Denver area are far from pressed for choice when deciding on a venue where to concentrate their efforts. There are hundreds of gyms in Mile High City, many of which are unique. We chose our top gyms based on coaches’ expertise and community reviews.

CrossFit 720

In 720, you have to work with a certified coach. Crossfit can be dangerous if not done properly, but with an experienced pro by your side, the risk of sustaining an injury is absolutely out of the question!


Here, you are trained to be physically and mentally capable of leading an active lifestyle.

CrossFit Broadway

This gym offers the CrossFit program exactly as intended. It features functional, varied, high-intensity movements. Broadway does not specialize in one specific area. Instead, they target constant progress. The athletic community is welcoming and supportive of any member who is seeking maximum health and fitness benefits.

CrossFit Cuspis

Cuspis has one simple goal — to develop each and every member to his or her fullest athletic potential. They are convinced that people’s lives improve if their health and fitness do.

Crossfit Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek offers private, semi-private, and group training for athletes of any ability. There is something for everyone – group classes, endurance-specific programming, and even Olympic Weightlifting classes.

CrossFit LoDo

Founded almost a decade ago, LoDo has grown with CrossFit. The gym has consistently been one of the best gyms in the Denver area, and even received this recognition from Men’s Fitness Magazine in 2013. Their solid community boasts professional, experienced coaches.

CrossFit DeCO

Last but not least, this premier health club in downtown Denver offers the best fitness and lifestyle health services with a holistic approach, including CrossFit, nutrition, personal training, massages, and even some chiropractors on staff.